Back In Action

Hi guys, it's been an age since we last saw each other! So far in 2013 we've helped open a new hot restaurant, settled into a new neighborhood, booked foreign flights, hosted a flurry of events, and initiated plans for a soon-to-be realized saké bar. A few highlights from our time apart:

Brunch anyone? I made Æbleskivers!*

Enjoyed an ultra-fancy-and-decadent Rye Ale from Kansas City, MO (weird that I've actually been there, right? Auditions...) by Boulevard Brewing. Yu-um.

Went to the city (San Francisco, the only place I refer to as "the city") to hang for one brilliant week. Don't miss: Comstock Saloon or Tartine (where I made the mistake of not buying a Tartine canvas tote bag, available only on location. Crinkle face.)

Aaaand, we ate a ton of sushi...

So now we're back and ready for action! Until our wine-venture!

*Traditional ball-shaped pancakes courtesy of the Danish. These particular little guys are made with dill batter with chevrè/smoked salmon innards.



Party Tricks

Wow, the holidays blustered by and we totally dropped the ball on keeping everyone updated with what to drink, what we drank, and what to eat with what you drink. Eek! But before we get back to business, I wanted to share a few of my favorite party tricks of the season.

Bigger is Better: We're talking magnums, baby! 'cause nothing goes better with a celebration than a super sized bottle of wine! Whether you're the host of the party or a favored guest, arriving with a huge bottle is a sure-fire way to impress. We also love gifting large format bottles for weddings and birthdays---never fails to bring a smile!

Sabering bubbles: for greatest impact, grab the biggest knife you can find (though even a butter knife will do) to pop that bottle with a bang. It's probably the most amazing party trick and its not as hard as you'd think! Just be sure to aim far, far away from breakable windows and unaware party guests...

Home-made eggnog: I have no idea where this über-decadent holiday tradition came from, but it sure does pack a wow-factor when you've made it yourself; not to mention it's far less-terrible on the gut than the synthetic stuff in cartons. Plus you can substitute half the ingredients with low/non-fat options and it'll still taste like melty-boozy-ice cream! So rich, my nog limit is 1 per 5 years or so...


Heaven is a Slice of Cheese

New cheese-faves!

Mt. Townsend Creamery Seastack (WA): luscious and complex with a subtle salinity and soft tangy zing. Creamy, spreadable, electrique.

Bellwether Farms San Andreas (CA): the I-can't-believe-it's-not-butter of semi-firm sheep's cheese. Also featuring a hint of lovely saltiness. Flaky, rich, sexy. More please!

If you haven't tried these heavenly cheeses, I highly recommend they make it on to your next charcuterie board. Seriously, so obsessed.

de la Garrigue

The sweeping limestone hills of France's Mediterranean coast are home to many a shrub and herb. Chateau's call this landscape-terrior "Garrigue," and from it comes brilliantly ambrosial wines saturated with the scents and textures of freshly picked Provençal herbs.

I picked up a friendly little Garrigue by Chateau St Martin; a vibrant Syrah/Carignan from the Languedoc, whose fragrance nearly leapt out of the glass upon first pour---sultry raspberry syrup, soft suede & almond skin, decadent white chocolate, and perfumed boysenberry. After savoring the aroma, I half expected to open my eyes and find myself sitting in a Lamborghini... because that's what I'd expect the Gallardo LP 550-2 to smell... high-end sports car: $280,000. Luxury scent of Chateau St. Martin: $16. Dreaming your road-bicycle were a luxury vehicle: priceless.

St. Martin's 2009 Garrigue is playful and funky, rich and fully balanced. Pure poetry from the very town Molre resided. A pretty every-day drinker ♥